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16 March 2011

DKNY dress


One word, one syllable - wow.

I had this little beauty ordered into my local Harvey Nic's from the Manchester store. The size 'small' just seemed to hang off me. I know with the 1920s shape, reminiscent of the exquisite flapper dress, which was designed to mask curves and create a more boyish silhouette, this dress isn't intended to be skin-tight, but the size 'small' was just TOO boxy. Luckily, Miss Karen was prepared for this problem, and had made a 'petite' version, which fit like it was made to measure.

With a £355 price tag, this dress isn't cheap. But the stunning geometric motifs in jewel colours and layers of delicate silk make you feel so enchantingly feminine and romantic that it's worth every penny. 

I'd wear this dress with sandals and some chunky gold bracelets - the first piece that springs to mind is a fabulous thick-chain Mulberry bracelet I have, which would strike a great contrast against the floaty hem and brings a subtle touch to the outfit that shows off my style. 

Sadly, the British weather hasn't been so kind as to warm up yet (and tights are just not an option with this dress) so for the time being, she's hanging patiently in my wardrobe, waiting for the sunshine to blaze through my window. 

Much love,

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