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8 April 2011

Womens Shoes from Carvela - Archer Nude Courts Classic

Fridays are the new Saturdays, when it comes to hitting the shops as far as i'm concerned!

There's half the amount of people (except for when the clock chimes one and all the workers come out of their offices and storm the city centre) and therefore, there's double the amount of space in all the shops and you don't have to put up with getting pushed and pulled around the rails.

It must have been the combination of warm weather and sparse streets because I bought more than I had intended! Some of the goodies I purchased were:

  • A pair of Carvela peep-toe heels - perfect with pretty much any summer dress or floaty skirt. The nude colour elongates the leg (which is great news for me, since I desperately wish I was a couple of inches longer in the leg) even though the heels are only a couple of inches high.
  • A pair of Reiss slip-on heels and some of their flat sandals. The chain detailing around the ankle on the flat sandals was what sold them for me. It adds a bit of 'chunk' to an otherwise delicate sandal.
  • A Vivienne Westwood tee. I love how the Queen of British fashion has once again managed to transform the most staple of all staple garments, the basic round-neck tee, into a cool and quirky item, but still 100% wearable. 

    Much love,

DKNY's big day out!

Remember the gorgeous DKNY dress I told you about last month? The one that I was keeping in my wardrobe until the British weather gave me a warm, sunny day to wear it on? Well today is that day!

I bronzed my legs, slipped on some nude sling-back heels, a pretty gold necklace and popped on my Chanel sunnies. I felt a million dollars!

The dress has a wonderful way of making you feel super-feminine and sexy. The sunshine made the peacock-coloured motifs shimmer and glisten and the light breeze that was caressing the Bristol harbourside made the layered asymmetric skirt billow and float.

I couldn't resist taking a trip into Harvey Nic's (where I bought the dress from last month) to collect compliments - and my goodness, they were free-flowing! I also managed to 'collect' a lush Vivienne Westwood tee...

This dress was worth every penny of it's big price tag. No regrets here!

Much love,